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Oct 1, 2012 5:54 PM

Mystery Monday: Despite Old Hospital Being Torn Down, Some Believe Spirits Remain

As Halloween nears, many people are seeking out places that are haunted. An old tuberculosis hospital in Bourbon County was the center of ghost sightings for years. The building is now gone, but an LEX 18 Mystery Monday report says some believe spirits are still there.

About 1,500 people a year died at the old Paris Tuberculosis Hospital from the deadly lung disease. Since 2000, Patti Starr conducted numerous investigations in the abandoned building. "Your meters would go off, your temperature would drop," she said. "These wonderful EVP's would go off. Electronic voice phenomena."

Starr said she would often hear the voice of a little girl. "It was kind of sad because every time I went through, I had a little girl," she said. "She had several messages for me."

The building was torn down months ago, but some believe the spirits that were haunting the hospital building for years are still there.

"I find they don't leave," said Starr. "It will still be haunted."

Starr can't wait to go back to investigate how much of a presence these people from the past still have at the site. "I'm really excited about going back, just to see how many I will still pick up," she said.

Ghost-hunting teams from all over the country have come to the site to investigate, and interest remains high despite the fact the building was torn down.


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