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Jul 23, 2012 3:02 PM

Mystery Monday: Law Enforcement Members Moonlight As Ghost Hunters

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A group of central Kentucky law enforcement officers have a bizarre hobby - ghost hunting. One of their main spots is a tiny Scott County cemetery where they say they've recorded proof of spirits.

Sadieville Cemetery is a quiet place, home to a small number of graves. But, is it also home to something mysterious? "I have seen some things I just cannot explain," said Tommy Jones of the Kentucky Area Paranormal Society. "We get voices back on the recorders and when you ask a direct question, you get a direct answer back."

The group is made up of Jones, an officer with Fayette County Schools and other law enforcement. And, among others, Sadieville Chief of Police Bobby Bruner.

"I'm still a little skeptical, like I guess everyone is," said Bruner. "In police work, I know I'm looking for somebody and I've got to find them. With this, they're looking for us, sort of."

Their interest in ghost hunting started years ago, with a picture that Jones said was taken at the Bell House in Lexington. In the back, what appears to be a man just to the right of that door. The strange part, Jones said, is that there was no one else in the room with him.

So when the group heard there might be something out of the ordinary going on at the cemetery, they brought in their equipment. "The voices and the answers to some questions you get, that you don't hear at the time," said member David Southworth. "But when you listen to the playback on the audio recording and you can hear it as clear as bell and it's answering a question, it's kind of spooky."

Here is the text of an example of some of their eerie recordings:

Investigator: "Did you come here because we are here tonight?" Voice: "I think, I think."
Investigator: "Can you tell me your name?" Voice: "Fightmaster, fightmaster."
Investigator: "Logan?" Investigator: "Logan?" voice: "Yeah?"
Investigator: "Logan, what color's my hat?" Voice: "Gold."
Investigator: "What color shirt does tom have on?" Voice: "White."

"A lot of skeptics will say you're just picking up a radio transmission," said Jones. "But what are the odds of calling out a person's name on a headstone and getting that name back?"

So if you're not quite a believer, these ghost hunters say you'll just have to come out and experience it for yourself.

While many believers think ghosts only come out at night, the Kentucky Area Paranormal Society says several of their recordings were actually made during the day.


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