Mystery Monday

Jun 17, 2013 7:31 PM

Mystery Monday: Old ARH Hospital

It was once a regional hospital that served several counties in Eastern Kentucky. Now, the building is one of the hospital's corporate offices.

While the sounds of stretchers and ambulances are long gone, people who work there say they have heard other things in the empty hallways.

The old ARH Hospital in Hazard started a new chapter in 1986 when the company moved across town, bringing with it past stories of hope and healing.

But for those who still work in the old hospital... they have some other stories.

"Very strange things happening in this building," said Heather Pigman. "Particularly late at night."

Rick King was working late five years ago when he said he heard footsteps, and then a door slam.

"I go down a couple of flights of steps trying to find out who it is," King said." 'Hello is anyone there,' I said. "There was no one there. That late at night I'm tired, yeah I don't want to stay after that."

Heather Pigman won't work late at night anymore.

"I don't know that I believe in ghosts," Pigman said.

But she says she saw an older gentlemen in a vintage navy suit carrying an old doctor's bag.

"I did see him go in the elevator," Pigman said.

Not the working elevator, though, the other one that hasn't worked in years.

"It was so real that I said 'oh, when did they get the elevator fixed' and he wasn't there," Pigman said.

So many strange stories within the old hospital. And what would a hospital be without its morgue, which has since been turned into a storage facility. Five years ago a Kentucky ghost hunting team came to the hospital and set up cameras all over, but it was the morgue, the only room, where they registered some activity.

For those who haven't seen or heard anything first-hand, they have second-hand stories. John Akers, whose then-office is now used for storage, heard the familiar sounds of the midnight maintenance man one night.

"I said 'well, I'm working on month-in closes, what are you doing?'. Greg said 'I'm ghost hunting'."

Two people who drove by the hospital said they saw a little girl in a hospital gown, her face pressed up against the window.

"It's a very interesting story," Akers said.

A story that became more interesting the next day when John Akers says he heard from two other employees who also saw a dark, shadowy figure in the same room. At first, they thought it was the maintenance man.

"It's something that makes you scratch your head a little bit," King said.

Rick King still remembers hearing that late-night door slam as if it was last night. As for whomever maybe haunting those hallways...

"They seem to prefer the company of this building over the new building," King said.


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