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Mar 16, 2010 7:05 PM by Alan Cutler

NCAA Tournament Is A "Blessing"

Which Cat are you happiest for ?

True Blue fans are happy because that beautiful four letter word, "hope" is back, and it's legitimate.

No one will be surprised if the Cats make the Final Four. As obvious as that is, it's a huge change.

Patterson gets to taste the NCAA Tournament. How can you not be happy for what is one of the best student-athletes UK has.

"Thank you," says the polite junior.

"Finally get to live out this dream and actually play," says Patterson.

Patterson thought the NCAA Tournament would happen every year.

"Freshman year, I said alright."

"Sophomore year I was like man, am I ever going to get here. Am I ever going to get to play ?"

"And Coach Cal and everything that we went through and seeing everyone who he signed and seeing the type of team we could have. Just my decision to come back, I was like man, I can actually play now."

"Finally to have this blessing to play in the NCAA Tournament with the type of team we have, I look forward to it."

With all due respect to the great freshman, Patterson believes it means more to him because of what he went through.

"Oh definitely, especially me and the seniors, just putting all the time we put into it. All the years, all the bloody feet from running."

"Just everything we went through over the past couple of years, to finally be able to finally be on a true Kentucky team and actually make a run in the tournament. I think we all look at it differently than the freshman do."

Patterson isn't shy about saying he's thinking about the obvious, winning the NCAA Championship.

"I will be thinking about it the entire time."

"I am probably going to hang the bracket up in my room and just circle the Final Four and the National Championship game. It is right there. All you have to do is win a certain amount of games to get there."

Let the fun begin.


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