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Jan 10, 2013 4:03 PM

Nearly 2 Dozen Animals Seized From Franklin County Home

A Franklin County man accused of hoarding almost two dozen animals in deplorable conditions tells LEX 18 he had good intentions.

The Franklin County Humane Society seized 16 dogs and 7 cats Wednesday afternoon from the owner's home on Willis Avenue in Frankfort.

Pictures taken inside the home, obtained by LEX 18, show a mix of urine, feces, and pet hair all over the place.

"I sure love those dogs and I miss them. I'm lost and I miss them," the accused animal hoarder told LEX 18. He did not want to show his face or release his name.

The owner, who right now does not face any charges, went on to say he was just trying to protect his pets: "I did everything I could to take care of them properly, the best I could and it was a situation that went horribly wrong... I gave up my life for them, literally. They ate before I did most of the time. Before me and my wife did."

While the cats that were seized are now at the Humane Society, the dogs had to be placed in a separate city facility.

Previous hoarding cases have left the shelter overcrowded. Sandra Coy, who last year had llamas, goats, pigs, a horse, and 28 dogs taken from her, still refused to officially surrender the animals, so they cannot be adopted out and remain at the shelter.

"We had absolutely no place in our shelter to keep them," said Nancy Benton, the shelter manager at the Franklin County Humane Society. "We're having to utilize more resources to be out here and have more staff out here to help with these guys."

The Humane Society is hoping for some much-needed help from the community, including volunteers and donations.

If you want to adopt the animals that were seized Wednesday, you can contact the Franklin County Humane Society by e-mail at contact


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