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May 7, 2013 10:16 PM

Officer, Civilian Heroes Honored At Lexington Police Banquet

Lexington police honored dozens of officers and civilians Tuesday night, thanking them for heroic efforts and bravery. A few in particular got to meet face-to-face for the first time since they saved a man's life.

December 5, 2012, a Lexington man barely survived a firey crash behind Mayfair Manor off Tates Creek Road.

Eight police officers and five quick thinking civilians used fire extinguishers from the nursing home, protecting the man from smoke and flames, until the jaws of life arrived to cut him out. They worked together to save his life, and now these heroes are being recognized: given awards at the Lexington Police Department banquet.

"It was a team effort. It wasn't just one person who saved this man's life, it was officers, citizens, all working together," says Sgt. Scott Perrine, who was one of the heroes who helped six months ago.

"We don't go out and say, 'Hey I did this, I did that.' It's, 'We helped do this, the community helped do this.' They played a huge part in it," says Officer Jerry McIntyre, also recognized Tuesday night.

For most of these men, Tuesday was the first time they'd seen each other since the accident. Though they don't know each other well, they share a bond.

"I'm honored to know such an exceptional group of gentleman. It took all of us to do it," says Brett Williams, a neighbor who was one of the first on scene that day.

They all agree: the night wasn't just about them. It's about the life they saved, working together.

"If it happened again, I'd jump right in there again, because I'd expect someone to do that for me," says Ray Miller, another neighbor.

More than fifty Lexington police officers were honored during the banquet.


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