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Aug 7, 2014 10:28 PM

Officials Search River In Missing Man Cold Case

It's been a cold case for eight years, however on Thursday new leads brought a new search for missing Kentucky man. Thomas Profitt.

With the help of Lexington Firefighters, Winchester Police looked in the Kentucky River on Thursday. Investigators spent hours searching for a vehicle in connection with the case. Detectives narrowed the area where they searched to around the Boonesboro Bridge, near Four Mile Road in Clark County.

"I hope they do find it, you know for the family members sake," said Angel Boone. She and her family were at the River on Thursday.

The search for 45-year-old Thomas Profitt caught people at the Kentucky River off guard. The Clark County man went missing back in 2006. Years later, Winchester Police said they got a tip to check between the Boonsboro Bridge and the power plant, for a vehicle in connection with Profitt's disappearance.

On Thursday, Lexington Firefighters helped detectives use sonar to scour the water. Winchester Police wouldn't say exactly who or what led them to look in the river, however they said this search had been planned for months.

"You see it on TV, you know like Cold Justice or Cold Case Files or something like that. But, to be here in this area is kind of crazy," said Boone.

Profitt was last seen leaving his home eight years ago in his 1997 Maroon Buick. Back then, his family and police begged for answers. People at the River said no matter what, Thursday's search helped.

"Kind of brings new life into them, you know? I can't imagine what they have been going through," said Mike Jones, a fisherman at the river.

"Knowing that someone out there still cares enough to say, hey I am going to find out what happened to your loved one," said Boone.

That determination fueled more than three hours of sonar searching on Thursday afternoon. While investigators said nothing was found in the water, the case will move forward.


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