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Mar 17, 2014 6:00 PM

Opening Arguments Begin In Madison County Murder Case

Monday morning, a jury was selected for the trial of the Madison County woman accused in the gruesome murder of her ex-boyfriend's wife in 2011.

Christina Marcum and her then boyfriend, Jason Singleton, were charged in the death of Angela Frazier-Singleton, who was married to Jason at the time of her death. He was sentenced to 30 years behind bars in the case.

Marcum's trial date had been delayed due to scheduling conflicts, but the jury was seated and the opening arguments started Monday afternoon.

The trial began with opening arguments from the prosecution.

"The evidence in this case will show you she didn't fear Jason; she pursued him. The evidence in this case will show you she's the difference between an abrupt divorce and a murder," said Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Jennifer Smith.

The Commonwealth told the jury the decision isn't about choosing between two evils, but rather two evils that were intertwined.

The prosecution said they will lay out three key facts: that Marcum put herself back in Jason Singleton's life after he married Angela Frazier; that Marcum is a magnificent liar; and that the defendant is a masterful manipulator, presenting herself as the victim afraid for what Singleton could do to her.

The Commonwealth read part of a note they say Marcum gave Singleton when he was arrested, including the lines "I heart you, you're my whole world," along with "as long as we're on the same page... we'll get out."

Then came the defense who said the jury were only told a fraction of the story, but not the important parts.

One of Marcums' attorneys said the prosecutions' theory is more conducive to a good lifetime movie, but not the truth.

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