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Dec 23, 2012 10:33 PM

Organization Surprises Waitress Just In Time For Christmas

The Collins family never leaves home without their video camera, even for a simple family dinner. Because when they go out to eat, they do more than just break bread.

"We are here at Joe Bologna's in Lexington," says Seth Collins as he records the family entering the restaurant. "My family is going in with me."

"We are going to leave a $500 tip for Aaron and make someone's Christmas," says Seth.

The Collins family is pretty used to this routine by now. They've given out more than 25 tips so far. They started back in July when Aaron Collins unexpectedly passed away. After his death, his family discovered a few requests Aaron left behind: To leave extremely generous tips to unsuspecting waiters at restaurants, and that's exactly what they've been doing.

The family has traveled to Atlanta, Louisiana, Florida, far eastern Kentucky and all over Lexington giving out tips. So far, they manage to keep the surprise going. Sunday's dinner was no exception.

"Actually, back in July my brother passed away and asked us to leave an awesome tip," Seth explains to the waitress at Joe Bologna's in Lexington. "We wanted to come out for Christmas, have dinner and give someone a $500 tip."

The restaurants are always different, the seating arrangements change, too. But the one thing that stays the same, the reaction on their server's face when $500 is placed in their hand.

"Oh my gosh. Well y'all are the best table I've ever had!" Exclaimed Kathryn the waitress at Joe Bologna's.

Whether they are making someone's day or someone's Christmas, the Collins family is always thinking about Aaron and his wish.

Aaron's Last Wish has raised more than $60,000 so far. They say they plan to keep on giving out tips as long as the donations keep coming in.

For more information about Aaron's Last Wish, click here.
To visit their Facebook page, click here.

To watch the full video of their latest donation, click here.

Pictures and video courtesy of Seth Collins and Aaron's Last Wish organization.


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