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Oct 1, 2012 10:49 PM

Owner of Chihuahua Found In A Jessamine County Dumpster Charged With Animal Cruelty

The owner of an injured chihuahua found in a dumpster at the Helmsdale Apartments off Wichita Drive in Jessamine County has been charged with animal cruelty second degree.

Her name is Sable, and after being discovered in a dumpster with infected animal bites Tuesday, September 25th, the mixed-breed chihuahua is now one of the most sought after dogs in Jessamine County.

Jessamine County Animal Control Director Mike Cassidy says among the people who came to the shelter last week was Franklin May.

"He came here claiming to own the dog, and wanted to get it back, and then from our investigation we discovered there was more to it than that," says Cassidy.

Investigators say they found evidence in the dumpster pointing to May. Helmsdale Apartment residents who found the chihuahua told LEX18 the dog was found on a cardboard box that had his name on it.

"Upon review of the evidence gathered on the scene of the crime, and information gathered by an interview with Mr. May, charges were filed against Mr. May in Jessamine County District Court," said Cassidy.

May lives on Auburn Way, just a stone's throw from the apartments where the chihuahua was found. A background check didn't show any previous animal cruelty charges against him.

Investigators say Sable will be up for adoption once she recovers from her infection, but until then the shelter needs donations to pay for her care, which costs more than $600. You can contact the Jessamine County Animal Shelter if you'd like to make a donation.

It will be up to the district judge to decide if May will be served a summons or arrested for the animal cruelty charge.


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