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Aug 12, 2011 10:29 PM by Chief Meteorologist Bill Meck

Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight

Just watched the space station fly over...there are a couple of more passes tonight and more this weekend if the weather cooperates. Here is the website for space station and other satellite flyovers.

Also, the Perseid Meteor shower peaks tonight and I"ve heard from folks over by Lansdowne that they saw some shooting stars while they were watching the space station. It's best to look northeast for the shooting stars with more appearing after midnight. The big full moon will obscure many of the faint ones, but the big bright ones will still be visible.

In case you're were wondering, the meteor shower is caused when the Earth passes through the gunk left behind by this case Swift-Tuttle. Most of the shooting stars you see are nothing more than grains of sand/dust incinerating as they hit our atmosphere at over 100,000 mph. The bigger ones, the bright long lasting kind are usually a hunk of rock about the size of yoru fist.


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