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Nov 4, 2010 11:18 PM by Mary Jo Perino

Players Shocked By The Tough Side Of Cal

It may have come as a surprise to the new guys, but Coach Cal can be tough. Really tough. Especially during games and the Cats got their first taste of it against Pikeville.

"A little bit. We kind of finally saw the Coach Cal that comes out on game day, so that was a little different," said freshman Jarrod Polson.

"They were shell shocked," said John Calipari.

"They were also shell shocked because I got after them. You know, I have done it here in practice, but I haven't done it like that in a game. Within 15 seconds into the game, it's on! He coaches this hard? Gosh, I didn't know that! Maybe I wouldn't have come here! That shocked them. They didn't understand the intensity, and how you go after every game. So this is all new. How about this?"

So because he got so tough during the game, guess what? Practice got a whole lot tougher too.

"He is just making us compete in practice with competitive drills. We are going after each other in practice and making sure that we do everything hard. Everybody did what they had to do because coach Calipari doesn't play about that. We just have to compete and have fun in practice while doing it," said freshman Stacey Poole.

It may have been a shock initially, but these guys are hungry for direction. Cal says they are listening to everything the coaches are telling them, now the coaches have to make sure they are saying the right things.

"It is good. A lot tougher then it was before. We have been banging in the post and on defense we have been pushing it more. That is how we are going to play from now on," said Eloy Vargas.


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