Apr 10, 2013 2:46 PM

Police: Daycare Left Child In Lexington Park

Lexington police are investigating after a young child was apparently left alone in a park by a daycare Wednesday afternoon.

Police say Playhouse Daycare Center on North Forbes took several kids to Meadowthorpe Park, and somehow forgot the child when they left. The boy, whose grandmother told LEX 18 just turned four years old, is believed to have been alone for more than an hour before a daycare worker came to pick him up.

"I know accidents happen but you don't just leave a kid," said the child's grandmother, Cynthia Lee. "You make sure everyone's accounted for. You know how many people left with you. So you should have that many people coming back in the door. To go that long without knowing that he's not in the daycare for that amount of time?"

Police said so far no one has been charged, but either way, the incident will be reported to the state.


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