Police Investigation

Feb 19, 2013 5:14 PM

Police Investigate Alleged Kidnapping Incident

A Nicholas County man was kidnapped and held for ransom but it took family members more than a week to come forward and tell police.

Very little information is being released at this time, but police say three people are behind bars at the Bourbon County Detention Center for kidnapping a young man and holding him for ransom. The case is still under investigation, and more arrest could be made.

"We are still gathering information and still trying to move forward to find out if there is anyone else involved," said Nicholas County Sheriff Bubba Sidles, who said police are not yet releasing the victim's name.

The kidnapping actually happened in Fayette County on February 7. Sildes says Vicky Bussell, Mark Hatton, and Don Padgett kidnapped the victim because he owed them money. The trio then contacted the young man's family.

"(The suspects said) that he owed them money and when they got the money they would turn him loose," said Sildes.

Family members did come up with the money and an exchange took place in Nicholas County off of U.S. 68 on Kentucky 1244. However, the family waited over a week after this happened before they contacted police.

"They didn't want to get law enforcement involved," said Sildes. "But they did contact us and we did move forward."

Bussell, Hatton, and Padgett are all charged with theft by extortion and kidnapping, They are scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday.

Officials with the sheriff's office did say that although bodily harm was threatened by the three kidnappers, the victim was returned unharmed.


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