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Apr 23, 2014 10:15 PM

Police Make Third Arrest In EKU Armed Robbery

Another Eastern Kentucky Football player was arrested in Madison County Wednesday night, charged as the third suspect in a campus armed robbery from last month. The twist is that Lorenzo McWilliams used to be considered a victim in the case.

LEX 18 News broke the news to the real victims on Wednesday. For those EKU students the last month has been a living nightmare.

"It's scary, it's definitely a scary experience," said freshman Jacob Robinson. "I have never been through something like this before," added freshman Spencer Schmitt.

The pair were sitting in their Clay Hall dorm room with their friend, Lorenzo McWilliams, when all three were suddenly robbed. There was a knock at the door and I answered the door and two guns were in my face," said Robinson.

"Really afraid, I mean they were definitely real guns and you didn't know if they were loaded or if they would use them or not," said Schmitt. The two men didn't shoot, but got away with expensive electronics. Then police later arrested former EKU football players, Zain Gilmore and David Emmanuel, for the crime.

While Schmitt and Robinson knew the football players from school, they still thought McWilliams was a victim and was on their side.

"He was shaken up he acted like he was traumatized just like us but I don't know, he's a good actor I guess," said Robinson. "I have had lunch with him plenty of times since this happened... Just acting like he was another victim," added Schmitt.

However, that all changed on Wednesday. McWilliams was arrested for conspiracy to commit robbery in this case. Then after the arrest LEX 18 News broke the news to the real victims.

"It makes sense that he was the inside guy because he knew them clearly better than I did. But yeah, it is kind of shocking to find out though," said Schmitt. "I was surprised, I definitely didn't see it coming," added Robinson.

Now these students hope their former friends pay the price and justice is served. Until then, they said their first year of college has taught them a hard lesson.

"It makes you wary of who you hang around with," said Robinson. "You can't really trust anybody I guess," said Schmitt.

EKU officials said Lorenzo McWilliams has been suspended from the football team, pending the outcome of this case. He was a freshman from Georgia, majoring in Broadcasting and Electronic Media.


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