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Sep 20, 2013 7:01 PM

Police: Neighbors Catch Burglar In Action, Accidentally Shoot Him

Police spent much of the morning searching for shell casings at a Morris Lane home of a Barbourville-area pastor, after a burglar was shot trying to steal the parto's van.

The pastor said his neighbor spotted someone walking along the nearby train tracks at around midnight, and then make a burglary attempt.

"The subject came over behind the van, walked around to the side of the van, and was inside of the van whenever the homeowner and his neighbor approached him," said Trooper Jacobs.

State Police Trooper Shane Jacobs says the pastor's neighbor's wife called 911 as he called the owner of the van.

Both grabbed a gun, and approached the burglar. The two men say they caught him in the act.

"At that time they put him down over here in the grass, and told him to wait until police arrived," Trooper Jacobs said.

But just moments before officers got there, the burglar ran, said the two men.

The homeowner said his neighbor had his gun raised to the burglar, because it looked like the burglar was about to throw something at him. He said the neighbor accidentally fell down when he already had that gun raised, and when he hit the ground, a shot went off, striking the burglar.

The shooting victim died on the way to the hospital, and troopers say the story seems to hold up.

And based on that information, they're not charging the shooter at this time.


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