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May 1, 2013 5:04 PM

Police Say Rockcastle County Man Threw Four-Year-Old's Head Against A Wall

A Rockcastle County woman says her son is recovering after his head was thrown against a wall last week by her boyfriend.

Rockcastle County Sheriff Mike Peters says the bruises and rashes were how one man taught a 4-year-old child a lesson. "They could have potentially could have caused death," he said.

According to the arrest warrant, 25-year-old Nathaniel Whitis grabbed his girlfriend's son by the back of the neck and threw the little boy's head against the basement wall. The warrant says the child's sister was also present during the abuse, quoting her as saying, "'Daddy was hitting his head against the wall because he won't tell the truth.'"

The boy's mother told LEX 18 her son is in good health, but otherwise couldn't comment on the case for legal reasons.

Peters said this wasn't the right way to go about teaching a child a lesson, adding that this should be a lesson for any parent on how to choose the appropriate form of punishment.

Whitis is also accused of spanking the child with a belt. He is charged with assault and criminal abuse of a child 12 or under.


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