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Feb 7, 2013 4:46 PM

Police Say Woman Accused In Adult Neglect Case Is Now On The Run

Investigators said Thursday that a Powell County woman accused of neglecting, abusing, and feeding dog food to a mentally handicapped woman is now on the run.

Ruby Richardson was indicted Wednesday on charges of knowingly neglecting, abusing, and exploiting an adult. She was arrested on January 23 for the crimes that, according to the Powell County Sheriff's Department, were committed on a victim 50s who has the mental capacity of a child.

The victim claimed she was left inside of a home on Martin Street in Stanton for two weeks without heat, food, or her medication. Detectives said they found her wearing several sweaters and covered in blankets.

She told investigators that she'd lived with Richardson for more than a year and during that time, she was beaten, had her disability checks stolen, and was forced to eat dog food and table scraps.

The victim reportedly weighed 230 pounds one year ago and is now down to less than 100.

Sheriff's deputies said Richardson was also indicted on three additional charges of wanton endangerment for pointing a gun at the victim and holding a knife to her throat.

If you have information about Ruby Richardson's whereabouts, contact the Powell County Sheriff's Department.


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