Shooting Investigation

Jan 18, 2013 10:13 PM

Police: Scott Co. Woman Fires Shots Into Neighbor's House

A Scott County woman is in jail because police say she fired shots into her neighbor's house. It happened in the Scroggins Park neighborhood off the Georgetown bypass. It's an area where a lot of children live.

Police say 50 year-old Kitty Lane fired her pistol at her neighbor's house on Wednesday. Detectives say the bullet went through the wall, into the bathroom, when the family was home.

"I didn't think Kitty was like that!" Shirley Hall told LEX 18. Hall lives across from Lane.

Investigators say Lane told them she was shooting at the ground.

"A real loud noise, sounded like a transformer blowing, I looked out the back door, and I didn't see nothing," Hall said.

Lane's home on Scroggins Park Drive is surrounded by kids. There's a playground, a childcare center, lots of young families living nearby. Families who say they're shocked by what happened. Some of them are now worried for their own safety.

Hall says she's known Lane for years, and never knew her to be frustrated with neighbors.

"Kitty's usually a real good neighbor. Here lately, I haven't seen her much of her since she started her other job."

LEX 18 asked Lane for her side of the story, but she didn't want to talk with us from jail. The family whose house was shot at, wasn't available for comment.

The shooting still has neighbors talking, many wondering if it was or was not an accident.

Lane is charged with wanton endangerment and carrying a concealed weapon.


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