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Feb 7, 2013 10:23 PM

Powell Co. Woman Indicted With Abuse Charges On The Run

A Powell County woman indicted yesterday on charges she abused and exploited a mentally handicapped woman is on the run. Sheriff's deputies say Ruby Richardson is dangerous and desperate.

Richardson's home on Campton Road in Stanton is empty.

"All the curtains were gone, you could look in the windows and see all the furniture is gone," says Chief Deputy Robert Mathews, with the Powell County Sheriff's Office. "We'll go wherever we have to go to get her."

Mathews says Richardson disappeared a few days ago. He came by her home to arrest her Wednesday after a grand jury indicted Richardson on several charges, including four felonies.

"If she went to trial on all these charges, she could stand a good chance of getting 25 years," Mathews says.

He says the indictment stems from charges of abusing a mentally handicapped woman Richardson used to live with. Investigators say Richardson beat her, forced the woman to eat dog food, and stole her disability checks.

"I also have eye witnesses who say they saw Ruby Richardson hold a knife to her throat, threaten to cut her throat and kill her."

Investigators say they also think Richardson may have sold the woman's pain pills for cash.

"If these allegations that these witnesses are claiming are true, this woman went through some pretty rough torture for over a year and a half," Mathews tells LEX 18.

He says Richardson called him on the phone earlier this week. It's the last time they spoke.

"By her demeanor, and the tone of her voice, and the things she was saying, she's desperate right now."

Which worries the chief deputy.

"Who knows what she's going to do when the police find her. And I'm hoping that when somebody does find her, that they know what kind of crimes she's committed and don't get into any danger themselves."

Something else that troubles investigators: they say they recently discovered that back in January Richardson took out a 10,000 dollar life insurance policy on the handicapped woman she lived with.


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