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Nov 28, 2012 9:42 PM

Powerball Madness, Will There Be A Winner?

If you haven't bought a powerball ticket by now, you're out of luck. The drawing just took place tonight, Wednesday evening for the largest powerball lottery jackpot of all time, $550-million dollars! That means if you win, you could be taking home more than $360-million dollars in cash. Gas stations were busy selling tickets all day on Wednesday, at a rate of more than 130-thousand tickets a minute, across the nation.

A popular stop for some people buying lottery tickets was at the Pro Travel Marathon station Georgetown. It was there, in December of 2009, that a winning powerball ticket worth $128.6-million dollars was sold.

Traffic comes and goes but the gas pumps sit unused at Pro Travel Marathon in Georgetown. Instead, people are dreaming of winning big.

"It started on Monday and yesterday was one of the craziest days, people are coming like a wave just one after another," explained the store's owner, Jack Zakir.

Zakir said his first customer of the day on Wednesday came in to buy a lottery ticket and that was just the beginning. He said he sold $300-dollars worth of powerball tickets to one person, you can do the math, but that's 150 tickets.

Zakir told us people came from across the state, just to buy tickets at his gas station. "One lady came in from Versailles, putting her GPS on my store and came in here, I couldn't believe it," stated Zakir.

Whether you let the computer pick your powerball numbers or you have a strategic plan of picking numbers that are meaningful to you, it's all in the luck of the draw. While each powerball ticket may cost you $2-dollars, it's free to dream big.

"I usually don't splurge to much, I'm kind of a tight wad. I will do one thing, I'll travel the world," said hopeful lottery winner, Andre Dumphord.

Chris Noble, an avid golfer, told us his plans if he won the lottery. "Retire. Play a lot of golf, help my family out, and just help out other organizations, it's a lot of money. Might as well share it," said Noble.

So no matter what happens, may the odds ever be in your favor.


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