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Feb 13, 2013 10:14 PM

Pulaski County Deputies Searching For Woman Indicted For Criminal Abuse

A man and woman arrested on criminal abuse charges in Pulaski County have been indicted by a grand jury. Sheriff's deputies accuse Lemuel Burton, 29, of beating his girlfriend's then four-year-old son in November 2012. Now, authorities are trying to find the girlfriend, Kendra Johnson, 23, to put her in jail too.

Kendra Johnson's father has a message for her. He told LEX18 over the phone he wants her to tell the truth and turn herself in so that maybe a judge will have leniency. He says he certainly doesn't.

Johnson is on the run. She's now indicted for criminal abuse because police say she did nothing last November at a relative's house to stop her boyfriend, Lemuel Burton, from allegedly beating her son so badly on the face and neck, that he had terrible bruises. The little boy's grandfather says Burton also left bruises around the boy's neck from choking him.

They are allegations horrific to hear for neighbors who live near where the abuse happened on Hickory Nut Road.

"That's terrible to know that happened. I...didn't even hear about it," says neighbor, Kay Johnson, who lived next door to some of the couple's relatives. "They just kept to themselves. I saw them outside mowing the grass occassionally. I never really talked to them or spoke to them; they just stayed to themselves."

The boy's grandfather wasn't at the house when the abuse happened, but he found out the next day and called police. Now he has temporary custody, and tells LEX18 on his watch he won't let his grandson be hurt again.

Burton is back in the Pulaski County Detention Center. His bond is set at $50,000 cash. If you think you may know where Kendra Johnson is, contact the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department at 606-678-5145.


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