Stabbing Investigation

Apr 22, 2013 10:13 PM

Pulaski Man Stabbed, Suspect Talks To LEX 18

A Pulaski County man is at UK Hospital after police say another man stabbed him in the stomach. It happened Monday afternoon at an apartment on North Maple in Somerset. Minutes after police made an arrest, LEX 18 was there, and spoke exclusively to the suspect.

When police pulled up with Junior Alan Brinson in the back seat, we had some questions for him.

Police say the 40 year-old stabbed 47 year-old Phillip Mounce inside the apartment where Brinson's uncle lives. Investigators say the two were fighting over a girl.

LEX 18: Police are saying you stabbed him, and you're saying you didn't?
Brinson: I might have poked him a little bit, you know.
LEX 18: You poked him a little bit? Okay, with a knife?
Brinson: Well, yeah, maybe, yeah.
LEX 18: So you did stab him?
Brinson: Well I didn't mean to stab him though.
LEX 18: Well, what did you mean to do if you were poking him with a knife?
Brinson: I guess, you know... a little temper.

Frances McQueen was sitting next to Mounce when he was stabbed.

"Alan really got mad when he kept threatening him, and he cut him," she said. "It happened so fast, it scared me."

McQueen says she knew when the fighting started, it wasn't going to end well, that Mounce pushed Brison over the edge.

"Alan beat him to the draw I guess, is how it happened," McQueen said.

It was self defense, some of Brinson's family says, but police don't think so. Now Brinson is locked up, with no bond, in the Pulaski County Jail.

Brinson is charged with assault, and tampering with the evidence, because police say he originally tried to hide the knife.

No word on how Mounce is doing.


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