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Nov 10, 2010 10:43 PM by Mary Jo Perino

Recruiting Analyst Calls UK's Class "Ridiculous"

Evan Daniels knows recruiting. He heads up the recruiting analysis for So when he says this, you've got to listen.

"It's almost ridiculous."

That's what Daniels said of Kentucky's third straight top-ranked class.

"The level of recruiting that Kentucky is at right now. Three guys in our top six, another guy in our top 20, four five-star recruits, it's unprecedented and I'm not sure it can be done again," said Daniels.

Or can it?

We're already in uncharted with three straight, but four? Daniels says it would be amazing, but you can't count John Calipari out.

"It's hard to expect to get the number one class every single year, but at this point you've got three in a row and Cal has proven year in and year out that he's a terrific recruiter. You can't give it to him now because it's still so early but it's hard to doubt him at this point."

So what got this year's 2011 class together in such a fashion?

"I think what started it was Michael Gilchrist's commitment. At the time, he was our number one player and he's now ranked number five. Once he got it rolling, they talked Marquis Teague in to switching over from Louisville to Kentucky and then Anthony Davis joined them not too long after and Kyle Wiltjer was kind of the surprise piece to the puzzle so it really turned out great. It's a terrific overall class that really has a little bit of everything."

Daniels sees this as a class that can do big things. The players are already talking about winning a national championship and Daniels says they've got the talent.

"There's so much talent in this group. You have our number one rated point guard in Teague, our number one rated small forward in Gilchrist, our number one rated power forward in Davis and then our number five power forward in Wiltjer and they're all different. They all bring a different aspect to the table and I think that's what makes this class so talented."


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