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Jan 8, 2013 10:45 PM

Remembering A Young Lexington Woman Murdered, Tommisha Taylor

Family and friends will gather this week to remember a young Lexington woman who was murdered on Memorial Day two years ago. This Thursday, would have been Tommisha Taylor's 21st birthday.

Gunfire broke out May 2011, killing Tommisha Taylor. More than a year and a half later, Karen Taylor is still grappling with her daughters loss.

"It's just very painful that every day I have to get up and be without my child, knowing that she is gone and I won't have her back," stated Karen Taylor, Tommisha's mother.

Taylor said her daughter was shot when she answered the front door thinking it was her friends. The man at the door would turn out to be a teenage boy who came in and started shooting. Police later arrested - then - 17 year old Kendrick Williams, who is being charged as an adult. Taylor said a trial date still isn't set, but she is sure God will answer her prayers.

"I'm going to make it through, God is going to help me make it though.

Taylor said vigils, such as the one planned for this week, help her heal.

"It helps me it makes me feel like she is still with me, in my heart and the celebration just makes me feel really good," said Taylor.

Karen Taylor is making a plea for other mothers who've lost children to come and speak at the vigil, saying senseless gun violence needs to end.

"Check everyone's houses and see if they have guns. If they have guns and they're not registered or they're not supposed to be there, they need to get rid of them. Cause, it's really sad that these young kids is killing each other," explained Taylor.

If you're interested in attending the vigil it's set to take place this Thursday, January 10th, at 4 o'clock at the Lexington Cemetery.


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