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May 9, 2013 10:10 PM

Remembering Lexington Murdered Father: One Year Later

One year ago, Librado Romero was shot in his home on Wayland Drive in Lexington by a man who police say was his daughter's ex-boyfriend.

Today, Romero's family remembered his spirit, and talked with LEX 18 about what living without him has been like.

Candles and flowers surround Romero's photo on a white table. It's a shrine to the father, grandfather, and husband who was murdered there, a year ago yesterday.

"A year without him... it's a very long time," says his daughter, Nallely Romero. "Yesterday was keep it to yourself day. Everybody just went to sleep."

She says it was too painful to talk about that day, to relive the tragedy.

"We talk more about him and the funny things he used to do, than him and what happened that day. I guess we don't like to think about that day."

That May day in 2012, when police say 18 year-old Edgar Vierya, who was Romero's daughter's estranged boyfriend at the time, came in, and fired several shots.

"My daughter, well, she'll never get over it. She always asks, everyday. She goes to church and tells God, why he's not here?" Nallely says.

It's not easy for her, having to explain to her daughter, Romero's granddaughter, what happened. They are surrounded by reminders, in the form of bullet holes.

"I guess you just get used to it. You see them all over the house," she says, motioning to a hole in the wall.

Romero's wife has learned to live with the pain, emotionally and physically.

"I live everyday with the pain on my body. All my life. I live in pain now," says Maria Romero.

A piece of bullet from that day is lodged in Maria's ribs. It's a constant reminder of what happened, while this family tries to move on.

"It's harder, but I guess we'll get over it as time passes," Nallely says.

The family says Romero's accused killer, Edgar Vieyra, will go to court in November.


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