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Nov 7, 2012 6:40 PM

Rescue Group Says A Former Volunteer Stole Dog

It's a bizarre story out of Eastern Kentucky, a rescue organization says they've been duped. The group, Ashland Animal Rescue Fund, says they were trying to save a dog from death row in Georgia. They say they trusted the dog's life with a volunteer, who they say lied to them. Now they need the public's help in finding the dog, "Ruby."

"We got an email about a pregnant dog in Georgia that was going to be gassed," says Twala Ellison, who runs Ashland Animal Rescue Fund.

Twala says once she saw the picture of Ruby on a Facebook page, she knew she had to save her. She enlisted the help of one of her friends and volunteers, Grace Gannon Fout. "she's a vet that has treated our animals in the past," says Ellison.

On Thursday, Grace made the trip down to Tennessee to meet someone bringing her the dog from Georgia. After she picked up Ruby, Twala says, she got a phone call from Grace asking for more gas money. "I wired her the first amount of money Thursday evening. She contacted me again on Monday and I wired her money again. A few hours later, she wanted more money. That's when I began to question her," remembers Ellison. In all, Ellison says she sent $110.00.

She feared the worst after not hearing from Grace all weekend, until she got a message on Facebook Monday. "When she contacted me again I realized she was OK and she is a grown woman, and just has chosen not to return," says Ellison.

Then, more red flags. Ellison found out Grace had been arrested on October 22nd for speeding, D.U.I. and criminal mischief in Rowan County. She plead not guilty in court on Monday. After that, she was fired from her job as a vet in West Virginia.

Now, Ellison says she just wants Ruby back, no questions asked. "Drop her off at a vet. Leave my phone number, I'll drive wherever it is, I'll pick her up," pleads Ellison.

We tried to call Grace Gannon Fout's phone number and reach out to her on Facebook, but no luck.

Ellison says Grace may be in Morehead or Berea and also has family in South Point, Ohio. She may be driving a dark-colored Buick Ranier with Ohio tags. If you've seen the dog Ruby or Grace, contact the Ashland Animal Rescue Fund by calling 606-547-2989 by emailing them at: ashlandanimalrescuefund@gmail.com or by visiting their Facebook page here.


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