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Sep 12, 2012 6:19 PM

Residents In Somerset Neighborhood Say Pets Are Being Poisoned

Several neighbors on a street in Somerset say something is happening to their pets. At least 10 cats and one dog have been fatally poisoned, and some think it's no accident.

Angie Girdler is a self-proclaimed "cat lady." "If I see one that's hurt I have to take it in, I don't know thats just my nature," says Girdler.

She realizes, though, that not everyone feels the way she does. Angie came home on Tuesday to a disturbing sight. "Smokey Tom was laying in the carport and he didn't move," remembers Girdler. "I got out and went to look at him, he had his mouth kind of open, he had his tongue hanging out. He barely had a pulse."

Angie knew right away what had happened. She'd seen it before. Smokey had been poisoned. He had to be put to sleep. "We elected for him to be euthanized as the most humane thing to do. The kidneys swell the cats are in an immense amount of pain," says Smokey's vet, Doctor Burkett. "99.9 percent of the time we see that it's going to be due to poisoning, which is antifreeze."

Smokey was one of at least 10 cats to be poisoned on Sagasser Street recently. "There are other people that are animal lovers on this street and they believe the same thing I believe that it is going on," says Girdler.

"You like to think the best of people and think its accidental but you know if it keeps occurring in the same location and the same neighborhood you wonder if it is someone intentionally putting the antifreeze out for the cats," says Dr. Burkett.

Intentional or not, Angie wants something done. "I think they should have to see what these animals are going through, the excruciating pain, the screams," she says.

"The kidneys swell and the cats are in an immense amount of pain. It's a terrible death," says Dr. Burkett.

LEX 18 spoke with other neighbors who say their pets have also been poisoned. Girdler says she knows someone on her street is doing this on purpose. "I have been approached by some people here and I've had some bad things said to me and I've caught neighbors throwing rocks at cats. Some of the people here don't have cars, so why would they have antifreeze?"

Angie says if the people who are responsible are listening, she has a message. I feel like just because someone doesn't like a cat, they don't need to be doing this. It's cruel. Please stop. I want to live peaceful," she says.

Dr. Burkett suggests if you have issues with your neighbors' pets, contact the humane society or animal control. "There are a lot of other alternatives that you can do other than having to go to these circumstances, more humane, more controlled," he says.

Somerset Police say they are investigating.

If you have any information, contact police.


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