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Feb 11, 2013 10:42 PM

Richmond Police Credit Good Samaritan For Helping Child

He says he was just doing what he hopes anyone else would do. Richmond Police credit Dustin Estes with checking on a woman passed out in her car with her child on Friday evening.

"You just don't expect to pull up and see somebody that looks like they're dying. You don't know if they're dead or not," says Estes.

But that's what he says he faced when he and his wife parked at the Dollar General store on US25 across from Deidri Taylor.

"It looked like she was having a seizure, so I went over to jerk the car door open and there rolled a bottle of computer cleaner out the door. I gave her a good shake, and she come to, and was just a wild woman. She came out there asking me what I was doing," says Estes.

He called Richmond police, refusing to let Taylor leave until they got there. But Taylor ran inside the store, taking the air duster, and leaving her daughter.

Meanwhile, Estes's wife put the girl in their truck to keep her warm in the chilly 36 degree weather.

According to the police citation, an officer found Taylor locked in the store bathroom passed out again with the air duster in her lap. Police say when she came to, Taylor punched the officer, but he wasn't hurt and took her into custody.

"It's sad a kid has to go through something like that," says Estes.

Deidri Taylor was released from jail Saturday, and transferred to Baptist Health. She has since been released from there.

A woman at Taylor's apartment says she suffers from post-partum depression and was hearing voices which go away when she inhaled the duster. Taylor faces charges including abandonment of a minor, wanton endangerment, and volatile substance abuse.


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