Oct 25, 2012 10:24 PM

Rowan County Fire Continues to Spread

A wildfire discovered Tuesday in Rowan County is still burning and it's getting bigger by the hour.

The smoke is becoming thicker here along highway 60, just East of Morehead. A spokesperson with the Daniel Boone National Forest tells me the fire is continuing to spread, so far 75 acres have burned. Take a look behind me, crews are still battling the blaze trying to fight fire with fire.

"Currently there are 35 firefighters on the ground. We have a dozer, an engine and some saw teams as well," said Pam Martin, with the Daniel Boone National Forest.

As the wildfire continues to gain momentum moving toward homes, barns and power lines firefighters are forming containment lines to stop the fire from spreading. Joel Neuhart, a Morehead University Student, has been watching crews work, around the clock.

"When it got darker we saw the fire creeping down the hill - over there - that caused us to worry a little bit because it's very close to our house. So a few of us ran up there to see what was going on and there are firefighters setting fires to burn towards the current fire," explained Neuhart.

Crews are set to continue fighting the fire throughout the night. At this time, no one is set to evacuate.
Tomorrow's forecast for rain will help firefighters, light rain should begin by mid-afternoon and continue until early Saturday.


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