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Aug 28, 2012 4:10 PM by Alan Cutler

Sanders Says QB Smith Has Come A Million Miles

From saying he didn't know what he didn't know, which is a typical Randy Sanders description of any freshman quarterback, to year number two under this tough, old school coach, Sanders sees a huge change in Max Smith.

"He's come a million miles since last year," says UK offensive coordinator Randy Sanders.

"Even at the end of the season last year. Now when you call a play, you can look in his eye and you can tell know he knows it. Last year he knew it but you could see the look in his eyes and you could see he was processing it. Once you get to where you don't think about what you are doing and just react to what happens and play it makes it much easier. He is obviously much closer to there than where he was."

Quarterbacks need to be able to tell everyone what to do. Max couldn't do that last year, so Sanders told him to shut up.

"Until you do what you are supposed to do every time you better keep your mouth shut because you lose your credibility."

The head coach gets most of the publicity, but a huge key in the success of any quarterback relationship with the offensive coordinator. It's often the most important relationship on the team.

"There has to be trust in every player coach relationship, especially with the quarterbacks because things happen fast. That's one position where you usually have a lot of people who want to tackle you fast and you got to make a lot of decisions and you are going to get a lot of credit or a lot of blame. So there has to be a lot of trust there and the more he trusts me the better it is and the more I trust him the better it is."

The trust between Smith and Sanders has come a long ways. Max gets it. If you want to play for Randy, not only do you have to have the talent, but you better put in more time than you ever dreamed of if you want to be a starting quarterback in the SEC.


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