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May 5, 2013 10:05 PM

Sarah Palin Visits Kentucky For Fundraiser

The Headley-Whitney Museum in Lexington hosted Sarah Palin on Sunday at their annual fundraiser brunch. The former Republican Vice Presidential candidate was on hand and spoke to LEX 18 about her experience in the Bluegrass, including her first trip to the Kentucky Derby.

Sarah Palin got the full Kentucky experience, albeit a rainy one. Saturday she was at the Kentucky Derby. On Sunday,a post-Derby brunch event at the Headley-Whitney Museum.

The former VP candidate and former Alaskan Governor joked that she didn't even mind the rain. "Oh the weathers so pleasant. I mean we had left Alaska in a snow storm, so this is wonderful," says Palin.

In fact, Palin gave a speech recently at the National Rifle Association in Houston and then flew directly to Kentucky to experience the Derby.

"A weekend in Kentucky versus being entrenched in the political world, for a weekend, it's heavenly, it's wonderful," says Palin.

Palin, known while campaigning for chanting, "Drill baby drill," said she bet on the horse, "Frac Daddy," a thoroughbred named for fracking, a type of oil-drilling.

"The world's eyes are on Kentucky and seeing the work ethic that goes into the sport of horse racing, the majestic athletes that are the horses, and then the appreciation that people have for something so culturally iconic and traditional, I think it's just really good for the country," says Palin.

The fundraiser brunch aims to bring in about $50,000 dollars and that money goes towards the museum's operating costs.


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