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May 7, 2009 12:32 PM

Scared Straight

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Scared Straight

This issue's professional: Vida , a colorist at Devachon Salon in SoHo, which specializes in curly hair.

Question: I want to straighten my super curly hair permanently, but I'm worried the chemicals will fry it. Are chemical straighteners really that harsh?

Answer:Yes, chemical straightening is hard on hair. So before you take this step, try to control the frizz by using a non-sulfate/non-detergent shampoo and non-synthetic conditioner high in moisture. If you still can't keep your curls under control, tell your stylist that you want to soften your curls rather than make your hair totally straight. Your stylist should use a low-strength chemical straightener. Chemical straighteners can really be harsh when used improperly so it's really critical that a stylist use the right strength.


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