Dec 13, 2012 2:41 PM

School Yard Game In Which Students Hit Others In Their Private Parts Has Some Parents Worried

It's a school yard game with a very ugly twist - students punching each other in the groin area.

It's called "bro-code", but it's gotten to the extreme where it's not a flick in the private parts, it's to see how hard you can hit that person in the private parts.

The game goes by other names besides bro-code, such as cup check and sack tapping. A YouTube video shows a punch to a child's groin, and the kids seem to think it's funny.

"Some of the boys are so afraid that they wear cups to school," said Kimberly Tolson, who says her son fell victim to bro-code during class at Jessie Clark Middle School in Lexington. "When I went and picked him up at school he was purple. We took him to the emergency room and they said that he had been hit so hard that it was the equivalent of taking a hammer and hitting him there."

Urologists say they're seeing several cases where there's been trauma even to young girls that could cause permanent damage.

"It's a new form of bullying," said Tolson. "It's me getting somebody to go, 'I dare you to go hit so and so as hard as you can in their private parts.'"

The school said they're taking every measure to stop bro code and in fact it's not a common term in the school district. A school spokesperson says any student who even says the word will be punished.

The Fayette County school system says despite not hearing many reports, they are having their safe schools program, which deals with safety issues, check into the situation.


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