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Mar 26, 2013 10:17 PM

Scott Co. Horse Rescue Farm Owner Investigated For Animal Cruelty

A man running a Scott County horse rescue farm is being investigated for animal cruelty. Deputies say Tom Browning has been in trouble before for not caring for his horses.

LEX 18 stopped by Browning's rescue farm on Glass Pike in Stamping Ground. We found one horse that couldn't get up. Another one's back bone and ribs were visible. There were no green pastures, just mud.

"it doesn't look good from the road. It just...looks bad," said Scott County Sheriff, Tony Hampton.

"Bad" enough for the Hampton and his deputies to start investigating.

"We're going to continue to look into this and make sure the rest of these animals are safe," Hampton said.

Deputies found one dead horse and two in bad shape. Firefighters and animal rescue were called in to help one horse on its feet. Now the mare is under a vet's care.

Tommy Browning owns the farm. LEX 18 uncovered, he's been in trouble before. An investigator with the Department of Agriculture says Browning was charged with animal cruelty on a farm in Bath County. In Scott County, deputies say he left a dead horse on his property for more than two days--a misdemeanor.

LEX 18 wanted to know: what's going on? We talked to Browning at his farm.

LEX 18: "We're looking at them {the horses} and they don't look too good."
Browning: "How may are you looking at that don't look good out of 30?"
LEX 18: "Well, that one that almost had to be euthanized."
Browning: "She just come in here and had a baby..... You see any of them that look like they're starved to death?"

That's all Browning would say, before he walked away.

Deputies didn't charge him today, but they say a new case has been opened. They say they'll be back, checking on browning.

Sheriff Hampton says they'll be talking to neighbors, getting their investigation together, and will soon present everything they find to the county attorney.


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