Sep 13, 2012 10:37 PM

Scott Co. Man Meets Burglars Trying To Sell His Stolen Comic Books

A Scott County couple was in the middle of moving when someone broke into their house and ransacked the place, stealing everything from family heirlooms to kitchen utensils. But it was a comic book collection that led police to the burglars.

Amanda Kincaid sorts through piles of photos, clothes, and ripped cardboard boxes. While she's in the middle of moving, it's clear this mess isn't from sorting through her family's belongings.

"The first thought was just complete horror. I feel so violated that people have been through all of my personal things," she says.

She's trying to figure out what was taken and what was left untouched. Her antique jewelery, electronics, even her husband's comic book collection, are all gone.

"Pretty much all hope was basically lost," she says, describing Wednesday afternoon when her husband, Frank Kincaid, called her with the news.

But then he remembered something. Wednesday afternoon he was at Collectables Etc., a comic book store in Lexington. He stopped by before heading home to Georgetown, before discovering they'd been burglarized. Frank remembered a couple was trying to sell their comic book collection. A collection that looked a lot like his.

"The lady said she had tons of comic books out in her car and I literally walked past them as they were dragging them in," Frank says. "They had these KISS action figures and I was like those are cool. Oh but I've got a set at home."

"Then he came to our house and found out that no, you do not have anymore KISS figures because those people stole them," Amanda tells us.

Frank called police. Police contacted the comic book shop. The suspected thieves had given their real information and police arrested David Brashears.

Most everything was returned to the Kincaids.

"The minute I realized we had been robbed, I was like i'm going to find them. I knew in my heart I was going to find them one way or another," Frank says.

The Kincaids say police told them Brashears confessed to the burglary, saying he planned to have a yard sale with all the items and that he was just helping them move. He's charged with burglary. Police are looking for a woman who may have helped him.

Police have not recovered Amanda's heirloom jewelery. Here are a list of the items she says were stolen:

An Avon black onyx pendant on a gold chain. The pendant has a letter A on it with pearls and diamonds. It's dated back to WWII.

Her grandfather's gold class ring from 1935, Carlisle High School.

Her father's gold class right from 1975 Georgetown College. On one side are the symbols for music and education, on the other side are the Lamda Chi Fraternity letters. There is a blue stone with a chip in the middle of the ring.

Amanda is also missing ruby and diamond jewelery, and a diamond and platinum tennis bracelet. If you have any information, call police.


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