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Mar 5, 2013 5:27 PM

Scott County Firefighters Honored in Frankfort For Saving Teen

They were off-duty in Scott County, but that didn't stop two firefighters from grabbing their gear and saving the life of a teenager who went into sudden cardiac arrest. Tuesday, their heroic efforts were honored in Frankfort at the State Capitol.

In a building steeped in history stand firefighters Paul Goodman and Brad Polley. They're being honored with Senate Resolution 95 on the Senate Floor for altering the course of history for their young neighbor, Scott County High School student Savanna Noe. The resolution formally honors their service.

"Truly the honor is seeing Savanna with her mother and her family," says Lt. Brad Polley with the Scott County Fire Department. "Truly there is the honor."

In late July 2012, Savanna was swimming in her backyard pool when she lost consciousness. Both firefighters heard the call for help on the scanner. Though they were both off-duty, they arrived in seconds with their gear to perform CPR. For these fathers, surrounded by their families as they accept their honor today, the emergency hit close to home.

"This is probably the one that really affected me the most," says Captain Paul Goodman with the Georgetown Police Department. "Being so close to my daughter's age, and just seeing this event, it's unreal. We don't get to see this very often," he adds.

Today, Savanna is very much herself. The only difference is she has a small electrical device called an ICD, an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator, implanted in her heart to regulate her heartbeat. She doesn't remember the day it happened at all, but knows she's blessed.

"They say it's all about me, but I think it's all about them," says Savanna Noe. "They are my heroes, and I can never repay them."

Savanna's mom, Sue Noe, encouraged her local Senator to submit the resolution. Both firefighters were also honored in Scott County in 2012.

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