Apr 9, 2013 11:27 PM

Scott County House Catches Fire

A fire tore through the attic of a Scott County home on Walker Way Tuesday afternoon. Fortunately, no one was home, but a nearby jogger wasn't taking any chances.

Garry Whaley and his wife stood on their lawn watching Georgetown firefighters tackle the last of the smoldering hot spots in their neighbor's home. The fire hose snaked through a neighborhood that was blocked off to cars. When the flames started after 5:00 pm, a man who happened to be on the road alerted neighbors.

"We heard someone beating on the door next door, and it was a jogger running down the street. There were flames coming out the edge, and he was trying to see if someone was there, and he couldn't get in," recalls neighbor, Garry Whaley.

The woman who lives there was at the hospital, according to firefighters, so she wasn't home. The house was empty. the fire did some damage to the attic. Investigators are working to figure out why it burned. Meanwhile, neighbors can't help but think about a jogger who tried to go the extra mile.

"He just happened to be down the street and saw the smoke and tried to get someone out of there if someone was in there," says Whaley.

Firefighters say the fire doesn't look suspicious.


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