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Feb 15, 2013 10:05 PM

Search Continues For Wanted Powell Co. Woman

She's earned the nickname "Runnin' Ruby." Ruby Richardson is her real name, and she's been avoiding Powell County deputies for more than a week.

Last week, Richardson was indicted for, among other allegations of abuse, forcing a mentally handicapped woman to eat dog food. Deputies say Richardson is dangerous, and though they've gotten dozens of tips about where she could be, they haven't found her.

More than 12,000 people live in Powell County. Chief Deputy Robert Mathews has been after one woman: Ruby Richardson.

"Somebody in this town knows where she's at!" Mathews tells LEX 18. "We really feel like she's probably close by. We've had people tell us that she's in Montgomery County, we've had people say she's in Clark County, Wolfe County."

Mathews says people are scared of Ruby, because of what she's been accused of back in January: forcing a handicapped woman to eat dog food, beating her, stealing her disability checks.

"Somebody contacts me everyday about this case. That's one reason why this is so frustrating for me. It's because people thinks she needs to be in jail," Mathews says.

The chief deputy tried to arrest Ruby Wednesday, February 6, at her home, the day after she was indicted. The house was empty, cleaned out, and Ruby was gone.

The tips continue to come in, though some of them are pretty bizarre.

"She called in and said she thought Ms. Richardson was at her front door dressed like a man," Mathews says about one of those tips.

Mathews says if Richardson doesn't turn herself in by next Wednesday, he'll contact the US Marshal.


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