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Sep 25, 2012 10:32 PM

Sergeant Accused In National Guard Armory Theft in Laurel County

Sergeant Christopher Bunch, 32, with the National Guard is charged with receiving stolen property after thousands of dollars worth of gear and equipment from the Armory in Laurel County went missing. However, Sgt. Bunch says there's more to the story.

The National Guard Armory in London isn't a particularly big building, but inside its walls, lurks a big mystery over a year old. Gear started disappearing.

"Things like binoculars, MREs, which are Meals Ready to Eat, clothing, and items like that," says Trooper Don Trosper with Kentucky State Police.

Police say the National Guard noticed the missing gear during internal inventory audits.

"The National Guard investigation was a years worth, where they did inventory and missed items. It took them a little while to track down everything, then they turned over their investigation to us," says Trooper Trosper.

The KSP investigation took two months, and it led them to Sgt. Bunch, a supply Sergeant at the National Guard Armory. State Police say they've recovered two thousand dollars worth of gear, and there's more out there.

National Guard spokesperson David Altom tells LEX18 supply sergeant is a trusted position, and Sgt. Bunch has been in the military since 1998. Altom says Bunch is under administrative status and under close supervision until the legal process has run its course.

LEX18 reached out to Sgt. Bunch who had bonded out of jail Wednesday. He told us by phone that police need to dig deeper, saying he's taking the fall for what other people have done. One person who wanted to be anonymous came to Bunch's defense, saying KSP relied on a tip from an informant who is an inmate at the Laurel County Detention Center, and a has a conflict of interest.

Now everyone involved will wait and see how this plays out in the courts.


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