Dec 13, 2012 2:54 PM

Shelby County Officials Investigating Mysterious Attacks On Animals

A community of farmers in Shelby County has been terrorized over the past few weeks by a mysterious animal that has been attacking, but not eating, livestock like goats and calves.

Farmer Kevin Cox said one of his goats, named Polka-dot, was the victim of an attack. She's missing an ear and almost lost them both, but her attacker is a mystery. "I heard the dog howl and ran out and saw the goat laying there," said Cox.

Cox said this wasn't the first time one of his livestock were attacked. "The bull calves were covered in blood," he said.

Cox considers his animals rather lucky. Other farmers who also live along Ditto Road in the town of Waddy have had to put their animals down because the injuries they suffered to a mysterious attack were so severe. Cox said now even his kids are afraid to go outside at night. "They won't take the trash out after dark.

County officials have enlisted the help of the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department. The have set traps in the surrounding woods and looking for whatever might be out there. Meanwhile, Cox is also doing all he can to protect his animals. "I've set traps," he said. "I'm curious, too."

Shelby County officials are hosting a meeting at the Waddy Ruitan Club on Kings Highway on Monday. They're looking to make the public aware of the problem and discuss solutions.


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