Terri Bennett

DYP-In Your Home

Apr 29, 2010 3:00 PM

Shut Down The Phantom Power

Want to know what's one of the biggest ways we waste energy and put a drain on our wallet and resources? It's called phantom power and you can Do Your Part by shutting it off. Phantom power is the energy used by electronics and appliances that you consider to be off. Quite simply it's any electronic with a remote control or a continuous display and most any kind of charger. Get this about 10% of the energy we use at home is wasted on phantom power. This toaster, for example, does not use power even though I leave it plugged in. This phone charger, however, is sipping energy even when it's not charging my phone. My oven has a continuous display, but I rely on this clock and it's wouldn't be practical to unplug it everyday. At my desk where there are a number of electronics in one place I use a power strip with an on/off switch. This cuts the flow of electricity to anything left plugged in. You can even find something like this smart strip that will let you easily cut off power to half the strip while keeping the other half on. Think about it. Reducing phantom power in your home could save you about a month's worth of electricity over a years time. That's a nice reward for Doing Your Part.


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