Oct 8, 2012 5:34 PM

Sixteen Rowan County High Students Suspended In Sexting Case

Over a dozen students were suspended from more than just school after explicit photos of other teens were found on their cell phones.

Officials say 16 students at Rowan County High School were suspended for allegedly sexting, something school officials say is completely inappropriate and unacceptable.

It just so happened to be homecoming weekend, but not everyone was able to participate. This is after a student sexted a nude photo of another student to several classmates. Their punishment was suspension from the dance and school on Monday.

One former high school student doesn't believe that's enough. "She is underage and it's pornography and there should be something else," said Allison Phillips. "The school shouldn't just be punishing people."

Phillips says this could be extremely detrimental to a teens life, on and off school grounds. "That girl, I mean my heart just goes out to her because she didn't expect that and it just shouldn't have happened," she said.

School superintendent Marvin Moore says the pictures were likely taken and distributed off campus, but they became aware of it Friday at school. He said that they're handling the issue internally, and that those who needed to be punished were.

So far, no criminal charges have been filed. In Kentucky, sexting can result in felony charges of sexual exploitation and the distribution of child pornography. A New York lawyer is petitioning the federal government to make sexting a misdemeanor offense.


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