Oct 3, 2012 10:29 PM

Social Worker Locks Herself In Bathroom, Police Arrest Man With A Gun

A social worker's visit to a Laurel County home gets dangerous. Police say the woman locked herself in a bathroom and called 911, after two men fought over a gun in the home across the street.

Twenty year-old James Johnson is in jail Wednesday night, charged with burglary and assault. Police say what set him off, was a knock at the door from that social worker.

Investigators say Johnson thought his girlfriend's uncle, Darrell Grubb, called the state to complain about his home. Police say Johnson then went across the street to Grubb's home, threatening to kill him.

"James barged through the door and threatened to hurt my dad. Physically hurt him and everything like that, says Alexander Grubb, the son of Darrell Grubb. "Of course my dad didn't do it because he's been working on his land. He's got too much stuff to worry about someone else's problems."

Police say Grubb reached for his gun, then Johnson grabbed it, and ran back home. The social worker panicked.

"She had done her paperwork and stuff and then she had seen the gun and she got scared and run to the bathroom," says Chris Stewart, a friend of Johnson's who was in the home at the time.

We're told the state worker locked herself inside and called 911.

"I tried to keep everything calm. I didn't want to freak her out anymore than she was freaked out," Stewart says.

Police showed up and talked the worker out of the bathroom. Johnson was arrested for taking the gun.

Grubb's son just wishes the fighting would stop.

"They disrespect us, come on our land, and threaten us. I mean it's blood, it's all family, and we should respect each other like family should," Alexander Grubb says.


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