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Jul 24, 2012 10:31 PM by Mary Jo Perino

Some Coaches Upset Over Changes In SEC Basketball Schedule

It was thought that when the new 14-team SEC basketball schedule was released, that every team already knew who their "traditional rival" would be, the team that you always played a home-and-home with every year. For Kentucky, that team was supposed to be Florida. But according to, that's now Tennessee.

Other rivals have changed too, and some coaches are not happy about it.

Gary Parrish wrote today that sources told him they were upset.

"I got an email from the SEC office, and my four [home-and-home] opponents ... were changed," once SEC coach told "There was no discussion or phone call. I just got an email of our league schedule, and the league schedule wasn't the league schedule they told me I'd have last month. It's crazy."

Sources said Georgia's schedule got harder.

Sources said Alabama's schedule got easier.

And if you're wondering why this is a big deal, it's because SEC coaches had already scheduled their non-league games based on whether they believed they had relatively easy or relatively hard league schedules assigned to them. Now everything is a mess. And though every coach who spoke to said they'd deal with it if only because they have no choice, they made it clear they were bothered by the surprise email from the SEC office that came during this July evaluation period for recruiting.

"We never discussed the changes or even that there were going to be changes," one coach said. "We just got emails with new schedules, and the only explanation we got for the changes was that they were doing it for 'competitive balance.' But my question is what changed between last month and this month? I still don't know the answer to that."

The SEC is expected to publicly release all league schedules next month.



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