Oct 12, 2012 11:34 PM

Somerset High School Football Player Will Hinton Speaks to LEX18 About Recovery

One week ago, Somerset High School football players Will Hinton and Jacobi Gilmore were both injured in a car crash, but Friday night they are both doing better. Jacobi Gilmore is in rehabiliation at Cardinal Hill Hospital, and Will Hinton is home from the hospital. Will attended the home football game, and LEX18 spoke to him and the man who helped save his life.

The Briar Jumpers' home football game is a homecoming for Will Hinton.

"All my family and my team is still here. I'm not playing with them, but they are there for me, and I'm still with them," says Will.

He's still recovering from a broken pelvis and a broken jaw, but not only can he talk, his family says he still has the same sense of humor.

"He's very positive. He's Will, cutting up making jokes. He always will be Will. You can't take that away from him," says Will's mother's fiance, Max Messamore.

"I'm not playing football anymore, but I'm not dead. I'm seventeen. I'm alive," says Will. "I don't like people to look at me and get sad. That doesn't help the situation. A smile on somebody else's face helps me as much as them."

Will says he doesn't remember much of the car crash, where a tractor-trailer t-boned his car, but he talks to his best friend Jacobi Gilmore everyday.

During the night of special moments, another one, when the off-duty EMT credited with helping saving their lives was honored at the game. A firefighter for twenty years, B.R. Callahan heard the crash in front of him, and arrived at the scene seconds after it happened. He broke the back window of the car and stabilized both teenagers. He made sure Will's neck was straight, and prevented Jacobi Gilmore from suffocating due to the amount of blood.

"I've been a firefighter for twenty years, and it seems like the Lord just gives you strength when you need it."

Will Hinton will get surgery for his jaw this week, and his family says while it will be a long road to recovery, Will is determined to walk again.


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