Police Investigation

Apr 30, 2013 3:40 PM

State Police, ATF Investigating After Explosive Devices Found In Corbin

Police in Corbin are searching for a suspect after they say they found three hand grenade fuses after the Corbin Police Chief heard what appeared to be gunshots nearby.

The incident happened at about 3:15 a.m. Sunday on Chestnut Street on Gordon Hill. Corbin Police Chief David Campbell. Campbell was investigating the explosions and saw a male dressed in dark clothes fleeing the area on foot.

Officers searched the immediate area around Padgett and Chestnut Street and found 3-hand grenade fuses lashed together with parachute cord with the pins removed. The Kentucky State Police Hazardous Device Unit along with A.T.F. agents and an A.T.F. bomb dog was dispatched to the scene.

Kentucky State Police Hazardous Device Unit took control of the device and advised that they would detonate the makeshift device. State Police detectives advised Corbin Officers that the grenade fuses would have had enough power to puncture a gas tank on an automobile.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact Corbin Police (606) 528-1122 or the A.T.F hotline at 1-800-800-3855.


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