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Aug 1, 2013 6:10 PM by Alan Cutler

Stoops Reminds UK's Punter Of Another SEC Coach

UK has had some great punters. It's possible that the best punter UK has ever had is about to start his sophomore season.

Ralph Kercheval still holds the best punting average for a career. His last season was 1933. He finished with an average of 44.8.

Landon Foster holds the best record for a freshman. The Freshman All-American first-teamer by Scout.com averaged 42.9 yards per punt.

True Blue fans see a huge change around UK football. Foster believes what Stoops and his staff are doing reminds him of another coach who has done a great job turning a losing program around.

"The attitude that the coaching staff brings is unreal," says Foster. "It's very similar to what Coach Franklin did at Vanderbilt. I was around there quite a bit when he came in changed it around. This coaching staff, the attitude they bring, and how they are upbeat and how they are in practice. They enjoy being around the players. They enjoy being here. Obviously the change on the field as well."

Last season wasn't fun. Foster believes the value of the right attitude can't be oversold.

"Oh for sure. I mean you definitely need a great attitude and great mindset overall. To come out here and compete everyday and just enjoy the game instead of lulling out here that it's another practice, it's another practice. Oh, we have another game, and it's after another loss just like it was last year, oh we have another week of this. You definitely want a good attitude."

Besides winning more, it's possible the players are going to have a lot more fun.


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