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Jul 28, 2012 8:07 PM

Storms Damage Parts Of Woodford County

Businesses left bent and broken and trees crashing onto power lines after Friday night's storms in Woodford County.

Bussinessman Steve McFadden says there is significant damage to the roof of the Woodford Plaza and his business is now without power. Others suffered blown out windows and other wind damage. "Over here on the power pole you can see the roofing caught in the wire there," says McFadden.

Wind gusts upwards of 60-miles-per-hour came into the front of the stores, according to emergency management. The wind had no where else to go but up, lifting the roof off of some of the stores.

The windows are boarded up to protect from theft. Business owner Cindy Bartlett says she was just unlucky. "The storm must have been just very intense and narrow because even 20 miles up the road it was hardly raining," says Bartlett.

Donna McKnight, another business owner, was surveying the damage Friday night as soon as the storms ripped through. "It's a mess inside," says McKnight. "Glass is everywhere. They're afraid the roof is going to be falling."

These business owners were not alone. The metal roof of a nearby market was torn off in pieces and all along Route 62 and Midway Road are downed and uprooted trees. The utility company spent the day scrambling to restore the power lines and clear the road.\

"It's one of those things that only happens to other people. So much for that idea," says Bartlett.


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