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Jun 11, 2014 9:36 PM

Student Who Nearly Died In 2011 Crash Graduates High School

A Young man in Lincoln County has proved there's no substitute for determination.

For Logan High School student, Josiah McGirr, was nearly killed in a car crash three years ago.

After a long road of recovery, McGirr finally walked across the stage as his graduation.

"I am a walking miracle. I am lucky to be here," McGirr said. "I was determined. I kept my head down and I was like I am going to get this done and I did."

It's that determination that sets McGirr apart from his peers.

Just before his senior year in March 2011, a crash almost took his life.

McGirr doesn't remember the accident but his mother does. It happened minutes after Josiah left home.

"He was running back to school after picking up a permission slip and ended up over correcting in the road and hit a tree," Jennifer Hale said.

In a split second the impact crushed his entire left side then for 45 minutes he was stuck before anyone noticed the wreck.

"He was totally pinned in," Hale said. "They had to extract him with the Jaws of Life."

McGirr spent two months in a coma in a body cast with a severe brain injury.

"Diffused axonal injury is only a 10 percent chance of survival," Hale said. "Usually they are in a vegetative state."

But that wasn't the case for McGirr.

"God has saved me for a reason and I was bound and determined that day I was in the hospital that I was going to overcome all odds," he said.

In only three years, he went from bed ridden to walking, re-learning everything and teaching so many.

"Slow down, enjoy life and live life to the fullest," McGirr said.

That's the message McGirr told his classmates at graduation.

Now with every step he takes into his future, he hopes to inspire someone else.

"Don't let one little thing stop you, keep on trucking, keep on going," he said.


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